What do I need to be aware of this week?

Ready to pull your card for the week to clue you in to the messages that you need?

The Question

Our question for the week is: ‘What do I need to be aware of this week?’

Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths to let go of the stress of the day and let your energy drop into your body.

The idea is to reign your energy in, invite it to come back home, and get yourself settled in a calm, neutral place before asking your question.

When you feel grounded and ready, open your eyes, ask the question and pick the first card you notice.

Doesn’t matter why you notice it or what you notice about it.

It doesn’t matter if your eyes just happened to fall on a certain card for no reason.

Trust your first instinct, even if it’s so tiny it doesn’t feel like an instinct at all.

Just trust it and go with it.

what do i need to be aware of this week

Then scroll down for the reveal and your message below. Feel free to read the other cards and take their nuggets of wisdom with you as well.

And before you finish, take a moment to review your take-aways: what information feels important for you to know and what will you do with it this week? How will you use it to propel you forward?

The Reveal

what do i need to be aware of this week

These cards are from the Wisdom of the Oracle* deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

Card 1 = #5 Orphaned (R)
Card 2 = #25 Round and Round (R)
Card 3 = #41 Soulmates (R)

Whoa. All 3 cards were pulled in the reversed (upside down) position this week. That tells me that the energy will be slow-moving, deliberate, and it that it could feel heavy. That’s ok. Go into it and explore the gifts that slow, heavy, deliberation brings.

Things may not be as they appear this week and we are being invited to look deeper into other perspectives for the real meanings for ourselves. We know our own Truths and it’s time we excavated them ourselves. We don’t need someone else to give us our Truths (it doesn’t work that way anyway).

This isn’t a time to be hasty with what we’re doing, but to be in retrospection and introspection — inside of ourselves — and to be present to our behaviors, patterns, and excuses that we refer back to time and time again. They have nuggets of wisdom to share with us if we are willing to tilt our heads to a new perspective and look!

what do i need to be aware of this week1.. #5 Orphaned (R)

The energy feels very slow this week. If you are feeling the need to isolate yourself, take time to yourself, be alone, cancel your plans with others, and don’t feel guilty or bad about doing it.

Take your own time.

Putting others needs in front of your own and not honoring your own self-care needs is self-abandonment.

Being alone when you feel the need to be alone is working with your own energetic cycles, respecting your boundaries, and honoring your needs.





what do i need to be aware of this week2.. #25 Round and Round (R)

You may be repeating patterns over and over again in your life and not seeing them. What excuses do you keep making about your circumstances?

Excuses that keep you stuck spinning your wheels are awesome tools to show you the patterns in your life that you keep repeating. Take off your blinders and take responsibility for keeping yourself stuck in those patterns.

Once you identify your patterns and excuses, you can begin taking steps to free yourself and move toward what you really want.

By the way, acknowledging your patterns and excuses with LOVE (and not blame, shame, or guilt) is the only way to begin their healing.




what do i need to be aware of this week3.. #41 Soulmates (R)

The book offers that an important relationship brings you to your knees that offers you a powerful gift. “Your patterns and all your old stories that don’t serve your wellbeing enter into this dynamic so you can heal them”. Even in a relationship that has gone badly there is a gift. That gift is a lesson that is offering you an opportunity to change and grow. Look at the relationship in a way that lets you see the gift being offered to you.

It felt relevant to include that information, maybe just as a powerful lesson in general for anyone who needs to hear it, but what the message feels like that really wants to be shared is that this card is warning you to stop giving your personal power away to other people and forces outside of yourself.

You won’t ever experience true love in any kind of relationship unless you love yourself. Sounds cheesy and over-used, I know, but it’s very true.

Even if someone truly loves you, if you don’t love yourself, then you aren’t available to fully receive their love without judgment, attachments, or expectations. If you don’t love yourself, your relationship will be marred by YOUR feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, jealousy, doubt, disbelief, or something else that will stop you from fully receiving the love being offered. This is true of any kind of relationship in any circumstance.

Your power does not come from the outside world. No one else can validate you in a way that you will believe it unless you live from your inner power and validate yourself.

So the bigger message is, when you want to change your outer world, you must first change your inner world. When you live with any sort of doubt or insecurity about anything in your life, work on finding the Truth (capital “T”) within yourself first before anything else. Your Truth will be kind, loving, affirming, and powerful. It will free you from your bindings and align you with your purpose.

Learn how to tap into THAT and everything else will change for the better.

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