Who’s Jen?

Who's Jen?“Everything is energy. When you truly learn how to work with this at a soul level, the magic of the universe is unveiled to you and your life becomes fluid and abundant. I’m here to help you with the unveiling so that you can live the exquisite life you desire.” ~Jen Blumenthal

The universe responds directly to the condition of energy. If energy is stuck, muddy and of low frequency, it will attract problems, illness, stress and struggle; but when it’s clear, flowing and of high frequency, it attracts abundance, love & happiness. Whether it’s clearing your personal energy field with reiki, uncovering the barriers holding you back, teaching you how to manifest and discover your true path, or helping you fully express yourself through art, if it’s about energy, I can help you harness it so that the universe delivers the big, juicy life you crave.

I am the Human Spirit Guide at Seduction of Soul Studio and author of Moon Wishing. I work with:

  • soul-seeking women who want to experience a fluid, abundant life for their highest good
  • brilliant women who are hearing the call of something bigger and want to grow into their fullest potential
  • creative women ready to contribute their gifts by leading from their life’s purpose
  • smart women who use every tool at their disposal.

What do these women have in common? Besides the desire to be part of a sisterhood of seekers here to support and celebrate each other, they are striving to tap into their purest potential, their true calling, their life beyond limitations. They want to express themselves in new and creative ways They are feeling the ache to be more, to serve their purpose, to contribute to the planet in their own unique ways. That’s where I can help. Having been down this road myself to find my calling and heal my “Soul hole”, I have built a unique and comprehensive practice of coaching, mentoring, teaching and healing to guide my lovely, soulful sisters through an inner journey of transformation and healing so that they may find their footing along their own paths of truth.

My soul purpose in this lifetime is to expand, to discover my own inner wisdom and step fully into my own truth as a teacher, mentor, coach and healer, then to use my unique combination of gifts to help others do the same. I am to help light a spark of recognition in my sisters, and create safe passage for those finding their way. I pass the torch to you, my friend, and I am here to help guide you along your path to truth.

The benefits to healing the planet in this sort of way are that we ALL reap the rewards in our everyday lives. Life is no longer dull and repetitious. When we awaken, we find that every day is filled with communication, synchronicities and wonder… abundance & fluidity – these gifts that fill our souls. We notice how nature starts speaking to us. We find the gifts left for us by our angels. We feel truly blessed! The universe is filled with magic and it truly wants to share with us all it has. We are meant to be loving, joyful, prosperous beings and it helps humanity all the more with each individual who starts receiving the gifts that the universe is waiting to share with each of us.

I am enchanted with what the universe has to offer and I love to introduce others to that magic as well – like how easy it can be to start manifesting things ON PURPOSE. Imagine being able to think something into or out of existence – ask and ye shall receive. How wonderful would it be to imagine your best life and then watch it unfold right before your very eyes? Incredible! AND absolutely possible. It’s all about energy. You just have to know how to work with it and I can teach you how to do that.

It lights me up to teach people about their angels and spirit guides, communicating with the universe and their spiritual support teams, using energy to manifest, how to unlock their brains to expand and grow, filling their lives with creativity and expression, and helping them heal. It’s a real gift to me to watch people start to see the synchronicities in life and to see them realize that the universe is delivering to them. It’s just pure magic and I want to share it all with you.

Want to know the official stuff?

Here’s the training and life experience I have to bring to you:

  • Certified Soul Art Guide
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Karuna Reiki Master
  • Light Body attunement
  • PMC Level III Certified Artist
  • Tarot + oracle reader
  • Psychic
  • Certified Competent Coach from School of Coaching Mastery
  • Certified Dog Daycare Supervisor in the DogSpeak 101 method
  • Studied Essential Oils, Reflexology & Angels from the American Institute of Holistic
  • Theology.
  • Certified Dance Masters of Florida dancer and instructor (when I was younger).
  • Life-long teacher, mentor, seeker, and change agent
  • Featured expert in spiritual growth on the former Coffee House Chatter

In previous careers, Jennifer was a Certified Florida Dance Masters Teacher, gymnastics instructor, software trainer and data warehouse developer. She combines left-brained structure with right-brained creativity for a unique and balanced approach to coaching and mentoring. She teaches through her own experiences on her journey of spiritual and personal growth.

Mentors, Guides, and Wise Women Who Inspire Me:

Laura Hollick, Soul Art Shaman
Robin Rice, Contemporary Shaman
Marie Forleo
, B-School creator
Sage Grayson, Life Editor
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Author + Wise Woman Expert
Natalie MacNeil
from She Takes on the World
Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map creator
Cindy Harris, Creative Force in Art + Design
Maia Toll, The Earth Path
Jacqueline Morasco, Yoga + Wellness Expert
Amanda Young, Best Selling Author and Marketing Expert

Top 25 Fun Things About Me:

Jennifer Blumenthal









1. I’m a double Aries – both sun and rising signs – with a Virgo moon.

2. I have a team of spirit guide friends: Paul, Mana Desai, Viamizani, Parker McKenzie, Morphique Zackby (what??), Ashwe, Isis, and Angel Amy. I’ve met them all through guided journeys or dreams.

3. I was a dancer for the first half of my life. It fell away as my body got older and I became interested in other things, but it’s coming back now. I crave movement and creative expression.

4. I once had an amazing bonding experience and conversation with a tree in my back yard. She is now my guardian tree.

5. I have saved 2 hummingbirds from death. One when it was almost dead. The other I got to land on my finger to carry him to safety. Ever since then, each season when the hummingbirds come back out, they fly up to my window and hover in front of me to say hello (and demand food!).

6. My power pack of animals includes a tiger, parrot, bald eagle, dragon, several snakes, and, of course, a hummingbird.

7. I get my aura photo taken every year at the Galactic Expo.

8. I am an artist. Not because I make art to sell, am in a gallery, or have art training, but because I make art to express my Soul and I call myself an artist. You are too. Own it. :)

9. My favorite outfit is jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt with socks. (OMG, I looooove socks!)

10. I wasn’t psychic as a kid (that I’m aware of). I became interested in learning as an adult and so I did. It’s available to all of us.

11. I am married to my 3rd (and final!) husband – my Soul mate – a red-headed, Jewish acupuncturist who loves to hunt and fish. Together we are the physical expression of yin and yang.

12. I spent about the last 20 years of my life in corporate america as a SQL programmer and Datawarehouse Developer (database stuff). Booooo-ring!!

13. My Fascination Advantage type is ‘The Secret Weapon’. My strengths are ‘Mystique’ and ‘Innovation’.

14. I have 4 children (dogs). They are as much my children as if I gave birth to them myself: Tiny, Tyrone, Elaine and Harley.

15. Tiny is one of my Soul mates (I think you can have more than 1).

16. Pit Bulls are my very favorite “breed” of dog (and yes, I know ‘pit bull’ isn’t actually a breed). I have 2 of them.

17. I have played in 4 bands – 2 country, 1 rock, and 1 bluegrass, and I sang at my own wedding.

18. My favorite colors are orange and green.

19. My favorite movies are the Star Wars movies.

20. I often have re-runs of The Golden Girls on behind me. I LOVE The Golden Girls!

21. As woo-woo as I am, I can’t do yoga. Yoga hurts my back. Instead I do Pilates to keep my back and core strong.

22. I was a cheerleader for 1 season for the Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football team.

23. I’m a self-proclaimed shampoo addict! (My husband will attest to this) I have 4 to 6 different shampoo/conditioner sets in my shower at all times.

24. I use and sell Rodan + Fields skincare (from the makers of ProActiv). We are the #1 premium skincare brand for both anti-aging and acne.

25. My mother can wiggle her ears. I can wiggle my right ear, raise my right eyebrow, curl my tongue, and flare my nose. Do weird talents count for anything?

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