Why I don’t pick a word of the year (anymore)

Jan 6, 2016

Soul Art Inspired Intention
Image courtesy of Pixabay
I learned about the ‘word of the year’ craze 3 years ago from a business coach. It was a great upgrade from the silly resolutions I would dream up that were dead by January 15th.


My words of the year have been:


2013 – Freedom (which has turned out to be a mantra for my life)
2014 – Focus (another word which I still need as a serious daily reminder)
2015 – Nurture (turned out NOT to do what I wanted it to do)


The problem for me with picking the word of the year is that it gets old and looses its “sparkle” after a while. It becomes something else that blends in with everything else I’ve hung on my wall and I forget about it — except for occasional rememberings — after a few months.


(Not to mention I’m a double Aries — both rising and sun sign — and I like new and exciting a LOT! Sticking with a single word for an entire year just doesn’t work for me.)


I need something with more oomph. More “sparkle.” More inspiration. I need my own North Star.


And I found it.


Introducing Soul Art

You’ll see me write a lot about Soul Art this year. I am (almost) a Certified Soul Art Guide. It has been a GAME CHANGER for me. Seriously. And I want to share it with EVERYBODY!


Ok, sorry for all the caps. I just get really excited about it!


Soul Art is a process of learning the unique language of your Soul to get answers, messages, and insights that are meaningful for you.


Nobody, and I mean nobody, has the answers for you. Nobody can tell you what decision to make or what the right thing is to do in a certain situation.


That is, nobody but you.


The tricky part is that the truth, your personal Soul truth, the real, meaningful answers come only from your Soul and most people don’t know how to communicate with their Souls.


That’s because you try to get there from your mind and through your thoughts using words. It makes sense because words are what we use to communicate with each other.


But the Soul speaks in symbols and metaphor—not words—so using words to try to communicate directly with your Soul is like trying to understand someone speaking Spanish when you only speak English. It just doesn’t work.


Yeah, you may catch a few words here and there, but mostly, you miss the message.


So, Soul Art is this beautiful, almost magical, way to learn the language of your Soul and really, really, really find out what it wants for you.


With Soul Art you can heal long-standing issues, get clear answers to long-held questions, make specific plans, set goals, find out what’s really most important to you. And really get the most out of your life.


It’s a powerful process and I’ve started using it for everything I want to know.


The Soul Art processes I’ve done are revealing my own truth, my own insight, and my own inspiration, layer by layer. It’s really amazing.


The Intention

The first step in the Soul Art process is to set your intention.


Setting your intention sets the direction for your Soul Art Journey. Otherwise, you’re just floating out there in space with no gravity pulling you where you want to go. The Universe doesn’t know how to support you when you’ve got no direction.


Soul Art walks you through a whole process to create your intention. It shows you how to dig deep and find the juiciest desire you have. It helps you see your life and what you want from different angles in order to bring out that biggest desire.


I was recently on a call with my Soul Art Certification group talking about this and it hit me — the Soul Art intention process would be perfect to create my inspired intention for the year.


And then I realized, I could guide other people through this process in order to create their inspired intention for the year, too. Genius!


So I threw together a quick workshop in mid-December. It was awesome!


Doing a full Soul Art journey takes up a lot of physical space, so workshops tend to be small and intimate. There were 4 of us. Here’s what we created below based on our intentions (and the other steps in the Soul Art process).


Soul Art
My Soul Artists expressing their Inspired Intentions.
Each one of us set strong intentions and got big messages.


My Inspired Intention for the year is: “I am the creator of my exquisite dreams, desires, & visions who experiences them coming to beautiful, blossoming fruition.”


This is really juicy for me. It sums up all of the feelings and desires for myself, my life, and my business that I carry around constantly.


It is a reminder to me of my big why and where I’m going.


It’s my North Star.


I’ll be designing are artful piece with my intention and hanging it up over my desk as the arch under which I work. Every day when I sit down at my desk, I’ll be reminded of where I’m going and why. I’ll be guided by my North Star.


Now doesn’t this sound more powerful than a single word for an entire year?


The Invitation

Inspired Intention
Your Invitation

I’m creating a new blog series called Soul Art Diaries to walk you through the whole Soul Art process and some of the many ways you can take a Soul Art Journey.


In the meantime, if you’d like to get a taste of Soul Art for yourself, I’d like to invite you to join me in a free Soul Art Ritual to Create Your Inspired Intention for 2016 on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 7pm Central Time. (The New Moon starts at 7:31pm CT so this ritual will be a double ‘new energy’ whammy!)


You’ll need to bring some paper and pen for taking notes and journaling. We’ll be homing in on your Inspired Intention for 2016. You’ll also need a large piece of paper from an art pad or sketch pad and a few colored pencils, markers, crayons, pens or whatever you have to do a little creating.


Will you join me? Contact me to grab your spot.


Be Inspired,


P.S. One of the people in the picture had never done any kind of art like this before. Can you guess who it is? Probably not. While there are no rules about creating your Soul Art, it’s still a guided process and anyone can do it. Yes, even you. 😃