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I have grown so much in a year of Intuition School! It's amazing!

I went from relying on the guidebook to trusting what messages come through to me just by looking at my oracle cards. I no longer feel the need to even look at the book. The oracle course, my second time around, is amazeballs.”

Cheri Hayashi
Founder Sunnyside English School + Animal Communicator

“I want you to know that without your guidance + lessons + practices in Intuition School, I would not have had the courage and the trust in myself to be where I am today in my life and biz. 

One of the most important gifts you give people is the tools to trust themselves, despite the naysayers and societal "logic" thinking, to believe and to know and to embody our magic, to be where we are, and to trust that all is enough and perfect. 

When I being to spin, I hear #zenjen whispering 'you're right where you're supposed to be, go inward, what are you telling you? My life has truly changed! Thank you for being you, for sharing your gifts. You are a gift. I am grateful and beyond blessed to have you in my life.

Suzanne Armstrong
ArtWear Evangelist + Personal Stylist

Marianne McCarthy

"The Starseed Session was just what I needed! It left me with such a calm feeling. It was as if I felt things settle into their places and snap together like a puzzle. It resonated on such a deep level. I feel it has helped me to connect the dots, if you will, and put everything into perspective. It is as if there was fog on my lenses and the session was like a soft cloth that wiped them clean so that I can now see how all my pieces fit into the puzzle."

Marianne McCarthy
Artist + VA

Intuition School helps you find your intuitive self and develop your spiritual gifts so you can heal yourself and help others.


by Jen Blumenthal

Tell me if this story rings a bell... At the age of 40, when I should have been established in my career and living life to the fullest, I instead found myself lost, miserable, and not knowing who I really was.

Yes, I had a career and a happy marriage. I had a nice house and a decent car. I made decent money and had everything I "needed."

But there was a hole inside of me. (can you feel that hole in your gut?? I now call this the "Soul hole.")

Was this it? Was this all there was? Is THIS what life is all about?

I surely hoped not (because it felt like I was dying a slow painful Soul death).

And then I recognized this little spark inside of me.

It wanted magic. It wanted connection to the invisible, spiritual world. It wanted to be creative and intuitive.

It wanted me to be a part of something bigger, something important. There was something here that I was supposed to do!

So I followed that little spark and went on a journey into the mystical world of intuition, oracle cards, Soul Art, Moon cycles, crystals, energy healing, Soul recognition, my starseed origins and I FOUND MYSELF.

Imagine the feeling that comes when you suddenly feel SO connected to the cosmos, you KNOW where you came from and why you're here...

...and you TRUST the guidance from that small voice within to show you where you need to go.

It's truly empowering and magical!

Out of that madness, the suffering, the longing for something more in life and finally trusting my own inner guidance system, Intuition School was born, and it is ready to guide you down the path of finding your true roots, aligning with your authentic self (no matter how "woo" or weird that is), and living from your own empowered Truth.

Because here's the secret...

Everything you desire is inside of you. The more you look to the outside world for answers, the further from your Truth you go.

Drifting away from your Truth is dying a slow, painful Soul death and that's not why you're here.

You have gifts - sacred medicine - to share in the world as soon as you're ready to claim them.

Intuition School is here to guide you to your Truth and your sacred gifts through:

  • finding your starseed origins
  • embracing the wisdom of oracle cards
  • healing yourself with Soul Art, and
  • cleansing your energy to connect you with your (very talkative) intuition so you can find your way.

Get started returning to your natural power by discovering your Starseed origins and meeting your cosmic ancestors.

It will explain a whole lot about who you are and why you are the way you are!

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Made with starseed love ❤️ by Jen Blumenthal

May you discover who you are and find your way.